Click on images below to see Public Artworks. Some are permanent commisions others have moved around from one outdoor sculpture walk to another.  Double click to see larger version of image then scroll through.

Gallery of Public Art

  1. 49 Squares
    49 Squares
    Permanent Commission: Children's Hospitals of MN, Minneapolis. Perforated steel, hardware, mixed media.
  2. Treasure Tower
    Treasure Tower
    Steel rod, glass beads, perforated steel, plasma cut steel.
  3. Mod Pod
    Mod Pod
    Plasma cut steel, found objects, paint.
  4. Playful Prisms (detail)
    Playful Prisms (detail)
    Steel, found objects, paint in cabinet with handles.
  5. Fanflare
    Collaboration with Jenny Hale. Powdercoated steel.
  6. Bubble Pub
    Bubble Pub
    Collaboration with Jenny Hale. Fermentation Fest, Reedsburg, WI. Corncribs transformed into glowing vessels of bubbling brews.
  7. Flour Sack Rack full view
    Flour Sack Rack full view
    Enamel panels in galvanized steel bike rack.
  8. Leaf Tunnel Interior
    Leaf Tunnel Interior
    Willow, pillows, zip ties
  9. Fulton Favorites
    Fulton Favorites
    Lawn Sign public art project.
  10. Entwined: Minneapolis Art Wraps
    Entwined: Minneapolis Art Wraps
    Vinyl wrap on electrical boxes.
  11. Owl's Perspective
    Owl's Perspective
    Steel and willow owl sculpture at Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge.
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