1. Entwined 2
    Entwined 2
    Welded steel, washers, beads
  2. Playful Prisms, Children's Hospitals of MN
    Playful Prisms, Children's Hospitals of MN
    Three part permanent interactive art installation.
  3. Leaf Tunnel Interior
    Leaf Tunnel Interior
    Willow, outdoor pillows, zipties
  4. Dream Ladder
    Dream Ladder
    Welded steel, wire, washers and beads
  5. Three Towers
    Three Towers
    Welded steel, wire, washers, beads
  6. Hardware Quilts
    Hardware Quilts
    Installation Owatonna Hospital
Interior Sculptures

  1. Cathedral Windows
    Cathedral Windows
    Powdercoated steel, washers, wire, beads
  2. Baby Blue Tower
    Baby Blue Tower
  3. Big Blue Tower
    Big Blue Tower
  4. Entwined 1
    Entwined 1
    Welded steel, washers, beads.
  5. Bumbleberry Pie
    Bumbleberry Pie
    Welded steel, copper wire, beads.
  6. Golden Tower
    Golden Tower
    Welded steel, washers, beads.

  1. Cathedral Windows
    This artwork is inspired by sacred architectural forms, as well as stained glass windows. It can be displayed in front of a large window, hung on a wall, or on a pedestal.
  2. Blue Towers
    These two sculptures were made as a pair. As I have lived with several towers in the series, they came to inhabit my studio space as figures. Big Blue is 60" tall and Baby Blue is 36". They suggest a child and mother when exhibited together.
  3. Bumbleberry Pie
    This mixed media work evolved from a flat steel circle cut up into wedges, then transformed into very tall pie slices by the use of netted copper wire and shiny glass beads, reminiscent of berries.
  4. Golden Tower
    This slender tower encompasses many vivid warm colors, combined with green and blues. I painted it using Montana Cans, a line of spray paint designed for exterior murals, which comes in over 200 colors!